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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Clay Texture Medallions

I wanted to begin our first clay adventure with an activity that would assure success in every student while also introducing the kids to the nature of clay. We didn't have any ceramics last year so both the 1st and Kinders were clueless about clay! We talked about where clay came from, a little history of making things with clay, and of course we did a lot of playing. Finally we made something "to keep". I gave them a small piece of clay and told them to roll a ball. Believe it or not but that can be a challenge for some! Then I showed them how to gently step on the ball of clay. What happened? Well, to their surprise, they found a very cool design. The shoe tread is very unique on each child's show and it makes the most interesting texture designs in the clay. We made a hole with a straw so we could make it into a necklace. The following week students learned about "glaze" and painted their fired piece. Here is just an sampling of the finished product. Such simplicity. Such beauty!


  1. Mr. B came home proudly sporting his medallion. He pointed to texture and said simply, "Sketchers".

    I am so glad has had you to help him become a lover of art! They won't be doing Art Marla's this week. Girl Scouts.

    Love the new blog!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Art is The Boy's favorite thing about school...art & Ms. Pavlich's snake.

    These turned out really well. Loved the colors that some of them created. You do great work. Be proud.

  3. We are working on ceramic texture medallions in our class this week and they could be the twins of these! I love it! We are going to use some metallic paint and string them next week.

    Great job Herod art stars and kudos to Ms. Roberson for such a fun project!

  4. Marla,

    How fabulous these are!!! I want to do them for next year. I need to do some 3-D stuff. My kiln is getting "rusty"!!!!