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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Art outside the classroom!!

The weather these past few weeks in Houston has been absolutely beautiful, unseasonably cool, low humidity, just fabulous. It was perfect timing for our observational drawings in 5th grade, and our Monet studies in 2nd. I decided to have the 5th graders out front in the courtyard of our school, drawing the perspective that they liked. It was sentimental to me, because I knew they would be the last 5th grade class to be in our old building. Come January, we will be moving next door into our brand new state of the art school!!!! These are just a few shots of the kids at work. More pictures to come of the AMAZING drawings that they created. They loved being outside, drawing from observation, it was a great lesson.


  1. simply amazing site.....
    do you have feedburner service so I get e-mails when you post?


  2. Hi there! I think you can "follow" a blog and then when you sign into your dashboard you will see what the blogs that you are following are posting. I have no idea what a feederburner is! Should I? :)

  3. A great exercise observing and drawing from nature.

    Thanks for sharing